Welcome to Fosters Follies Farm!

Fosters Follies is a pleasure walking horse facility in Saint Mary’s, West Virginia. We offer several Equine activities featuring our very special intelligent, willing, smooth-gaited trail horses. Our mares have been carefully chosen and breed to represent the best in the breed. They have been matched with what we consider to be the finest stallions and have produced the highest quality offspring. We are particularly fond of the old fashion, high standard qualities found in the Last Chance and Golden Gambler bloodlines. For more information on our ever-changing Equine activities, and some special breeding opportunities, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lets go back to what the walking horse is all about! Dedicated to returning to the original purpose of the Tennessee Walking Horse. A utility and pleasure horse that is a welcome companion and partner with a wonderful natural gait and a pleasure to be a part of the family.

We  breed  for more of our wonderful Last Chance/ Gambler Hybrid breed last year. Princess foaled the greatest little stud colt out of Gamblers Flash of Gold  FF and Chances Little Princess.  This little guy is unique.  He is a golden sabino palamino with a wonderful natural gait and an easy temperament that is high on his qualities.  That is why we are calling him Easy.  Lily studied  Working Equitation with a very special trainer in Florida.  The greatest accomplishment we have achieved is to produce the most wonderful, willing, smooth gaited, old time walking horses,  I have had the pleasure to ride in years.  We strive for a temperament that is willing, loving, and dedicated,   Even and especially, in our economy, I derive so much pleasure interacting with these wonderful and noble horses.  I hope you have that pleasure too. Owner: Barb Foster Barn Manager: Autumn Baker.

Gambler’s Easy Chance FF

  Gambler's Easy Chance FF is coming into him self.  His personality shines through.  He is a real looker with his curley ears, golden color,  high stockings, and big spashes of white on his face and sides. A real people pleaser too.  Easy temperment, curious and...

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