Rose and Aimsley


Rose has been my personal horse and friend for many years. 

She has guided me through many of  life’s adventures and has always  been there by my side or under me keeping me between the ground and her.  


She has earned a special place at Fosters Follies Farm and our hearts.

She is our rock.



Sara’s Threat on Mack K

Beautiful buckskin sabino.  She is Rose’s granddaughter.  She has the same solid, no surprises temperament that Rose has.  She is wonderful out on trails and a great mother.  I love riding her.


Princess is a gorgeous sorrel 100% Last Chance bred mare.  She has come into our lives and taken the head position of our herd with strength,sweetness and gentleness.  She is a joy to be around.  Princess has foaled a gorgeous, flashy, palamino colt out of Gamblers Flash of Gold FF.


Amie & Lily

Last Chance Easter Lily FF.   

This elegant, sweet beauty is Surrey’s and Gamblers daughter.  She has such a quiet & thoughtful demeanor about her. She had a wonderful Generator/Last Chance/Gambler stud colt in May of 2011.  

Follow her and “Rush” this summer. Lily is in training with Amie in Florida. She is leaning dressage and working equitation.  Amie says she and Rush both are doing a great job.   i can’t wait for them to show off their newly learned skills.  Thanks Amie. 



Longview Surprise Chance” Surrey” is my beautiful Golden Palomino. 

She’s Princess’s daughter. 

She is Rose’s guardian angel horse.  She has the sweetest rocking horse canter and a gait to die for. 

She is one of my favorite rides on the trail.


Betsy Polaroid


Our farm would not be complete with out her.  She provides soo much entertainment and love.

She is a miniature donkey, but she doesn’t know that.  She thinks she is as big as the horses and acts accordingly. 

She is a joy. She plans to give riding lessons to children this summer.