Barb N Gambler

Golden Gambler

Gambler is homozygous for the agouti and CAN NOT produce a black, smokey black, or smokey cream foal! Gambler has NO Pride bloodlines, so he is an EXCELLENT out-cross for a mare who is heavily Generator, Pride or even Last Chance bred.

Gambler is owned by Stephanie Pennell of Westwood Farms. Click here for more information on Gambler!

Gambler's Midas Touch

Gambler’s Midas Touch WF

TWHBEA # 20700235


This stallion choice has got everything we demand in a stallion choice for our mares.  He has  a disposition, gait,  and conformation that we want to promote in the offspring we produce.  As a bonus, he guarantees GOLD in his get. ( Ee AA CrCr).  We have plans to incorporate this handsome fellow in our future breeding program.  Learn more about Midas from Westwood Farms.

Gamblers Flash Of Gold FF

TWHBEA # 20803323

 Owned by Sandra Bullins of

Misty Hollow Farm


TWHBEA # 20803323 Flash…What a looker. Love his stockings. He is the most exquisite, well-defined flashy little stud colt I have seen.  He has personality plus and a calmness like Sara, his mom.  He is relaxed and curious, wanting to explore his environment.  Intelligence, presence, looks, and sweet temperament are only but a few of his qualities.   The old Mark of Carbon bloodlines mixed with Golden Gambler and a touch of Last Chance makes him unique. Then you add a touch of sabino flash.  What a nice mix.   He is double agouti, and guarantees GOLD.  (Ee AA CRCR). We are really excited about choosing him as one of our herd sires. We may have to breed him again to Chances Little Princess for another one of our exquisite Last Chance, Golden Gambler foals.  The foal we got out of these two, is an awsome keeper, with intellegence,looks, and easy temperament.  Love him. Watch for news updates on this prospect.  Flash is under saddle and proving to be a stallion with all the qualities we insist upon in a herd sire option.   Disposition, awesome gait, and conformation.    I am really happy with what he  has put on the ground this year.  What a nice job  his owner, Sandra Bullins has done with him.