Gambler’s Easy Chance FF is coming into him self.  His personality shines through.  He is a real looker with his curley ears, golden color,  high stockings, and big spashes of white on his face and sides. A real people pleaser too.  Easy temperment, curious and frienly personality that just melts your heart.  Then there is his gait.  Your heart just thumps when you see him working his little legs.  We are expecting to have a lot of fun with this one. What else could we have expected out of his sire Gamblers Flash of Gold FFand his dam, Chances Little Princess.   He should make Amie a real nice Working Equitation project too.


Gambler’s Easy Chance FF








Princess and Easy

Gambler’s Flash of Gold FF Golden Gambler
Sara’s Threat on Mack K FF
Chance’s Little Princess  

Ballerina’s Diamond


Cissy Chance